[col2]Sport our gym-themed headphones during your workout! Drown out the rest of the world with your motivational tunes and make some PR’s!

Satisfy sound, comfort and style with these sweet babies and make the rest of the world melt away behind your favorite tunes. And that’s music to our ears. Literally.

  • Solid glass design panels designed to be scratch resistant and look awesome.
  • Vegan leather padding ensures maximum comfort for extended listening.
  • On-ear swivel cup designed to allow for makeshift speakers.
  • 40mm drivers transmit a 20hz-20,000hz response range.
  • 5′ braided interchangeable break-away cord to resist tangling in your bag.
  • Cord has built-in answer button and a microphone to seamlessly take calls.
  • Standard 1/8 inch headphone jack.
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