We posted a question on our facebook page, asking everyone what Physical Culture means to them. As Randy Roach puts it (author of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors),
In actuality, everyone practices their own Physical Culture whether or not they’re even aware of its meaning. A number of our pioneers of bodybuilding referred to themselves as “Physical Culturists” with their own constituted framework of the term.
We decided to pose the question to our fans what Physical Culture means to them, and we’ve gotten some very insightful responses! Read them below. You can still submit your own answer by replying to our Facebook post here: What Does Physical Culture Mean To You?. We will add all new responses promptly.


“Walking into a gym and touching the weights or machines makes me feel like I am visiting an old friend. No matter what is going on in my life the familiarity and predictability of what happens there gives me an anchorage in my life that offers the same spirituality that many find in prayer or at their place of worship. Worship implies an expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. In this case the deity is the iron. This would make.. to me.. Physical Culture like that of a Religion.” – Carl Lanore (host of SuperHuman Radio)

“Physical culture to me means ones expression of life. It is not about fitness but more or less a state of mind. I view physical culture as a code of life that you live by.” – Ameer Rosic (Registered Holistic Nutritionist)

“The pursuit of strength and resilience. Uniting mind and body in the pursuit of strength.” – Brandon Schultz DC

“Lifestyle of excellence” – Chris Butler

“Physical culture is a mindset created by education. Physical culture is sharing information and participating with others in physical activities. Physical culture is the like minded ness of individuals who desire to care completely for the physical body. Physical culture is a lifestyle.” – Russell Mann

“everything” – Frankie Stankowicz

“What physical training is all about. The history of it all and what hard training is all about.” – Morty Gordon

“Taking care of the temple (body) God gave me – both mind and body… where the mind goes the body folliows!!!” – Rosa Colon Soto

“To me, physical culture is the transcendence of ego through hard physical training. These days, people lift weights to impress others; they want a six pack, they want big arms, etc. I believe this is the first level. After years of hard training, this person will realize that there is more to lifting than impressing others. He begins to realize the inner values he has developed as a result of hard training. He lets go of his ego and now trains for new purpose. Physical culture to me, is the development of mind, body and spirit!” – Tom Brown

“Physical Culture to me is a way of life that has been lost and forgotten. It is a way of life that values health combined with strength and spirituality.” – Danny Baker

“Physical culture to me is to have a perfect collaboration of the mind and body – bodycontrol and awerness of the body in space” – Jonas Verwerft

“Physical culture to me is a way of life. Although the word “physical” is there, the benefits of pursuiing physical culture extend beyond the physical. My mental state has improved and I feel more spiritually connected to nature and my body.” – Angela Newman

“The acquirement of physical strength mental stamina!” – Melanie Cullen

“Respecting our bodies, our health…our life.” – Andrew Shortt

“The truth :D” – David Lopez

“Being able to do shit that “normal” people can’t” – Paul Galloway