Written by the father of physical culture, Bernarr Macfadden, all the way back in 1906. It still holds true today!

“Muscular power is beginning to assume its proper importance in the minds of every sensible man and woman. A few years ago, so-called refined persons were inclined to belittle its value. They affected to associate large, well-developed muscles with various undesirable mental and bodily characteristics. But the physical culture movement has wrought a marvelous change in these as in others.

A true manhood and womanhood are founded upon strong, beautifully developed physiques; these last are being accorded the recognition which they deserve. You cannot exaggerate the value of muscular power and beauty. In erecting a building, the material that enters into its construction is of the utmost importance. How much more important then, is it that used in the construction of the human body is of the soundest? By which is more particularly meant, strong, symmetrically formed muscles.

For a sound muscular system in nearly every case, means the possession of equal strength in your functional organism. It also insures the nervous vigor that is so essential in the attaining of ones objects of life, no matter whether physical or mental energy is required.”

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