GOD’s best Gift to Man is RADIANT HEALTH. Without Health life is a burden. The normal, natural condition of the body is that of Vibrant Health. Because of our artificial manner of living, our ignorance and excesses and various dissipations, we do not enjoy the pulsating vitality that comes with superior health; and, “as sowing, so shall the reaping be,” we suffer in consequence.

Perfect Lasting Health Can Now Be Yours!

Perfect Health is the Goal we all seek. It is the basic foundation of Happiness and Success. But mighty few of us have that abounding, radiant, joyous health with which Nature endowed us. The human body is a very delicate machine, and too often we are careless in the manner in which we treat it. Most of us know more about the insides of our automobiles than we do about ourselves. When we consider the intricate mechanism of the human body and the manner in which it is so repeatedly abused—is it any wonder we suffer, or at least do not know what it means to experience the glories of PERFECT MANHOOD?

Merely to be up and around, able to attend to business does not indicate the Health I mean. Splendid Health means to be happy, full of pep, and boundless energy at all times, able to go on day after day with strenuous activities and still feel great. It means to have a perfect digestive system, strong sexual powers, great nervous energy, freedom from weakness and disease. Health means wholeness, harmony—every cell working in perfect rhythmic precision.

Is YOUR body in this wonderful condition all the time? No? Then you are not in good Health. You need THIS Course to give you the Health and Strength which should and can be yours if you will only accept my help.

  • Do you experience pains in any part of your body?
  • Are you as sexually strong as you know you ought to be?
  • Are you constipated?
  • Have you any catarrhal tendency?
  • Is your tongue coated or cracked?
  • Is your breath bad?
  • Do you get easily tired?
  • Are you nervous or irritable?

Be honest in your answer. These little signs, seemingly trivial in themselves, are of the greatest consequence. They indicate approaching disaster. They are Nature’s warning of oncoming disease. They are signs of danger. RIGHT NOW is the time to overcome them. What would you think of mariner who refused to heed the warning of approaching disaster and whose vessel dashed to pieces on the rocks? You would say he deserved trouble because of his willful neglect after being warned. Yet that is what hundreds of thousands of people are doing today. Keep off the rocks of physical danger! Heed the warning of this message!

Disease is slimy. It grips you in its clutches when you least expect it. NOW is the time to build a sound constitution and fortify yourself against oncoming attacks of some dreaded disease or weakness. No matter what your trouble, I urge you to come to me FIRST, with the assurance that I can help you—not through pills, drugs, medicines and quackery, but by PROVEN, simple, easy to follow, natural methods—methods that get results when all others fail.

You Can Now Have Great Internal Strength!

You want sound vital organs—with REAL inner Strength and endurance. It is not much good to have a big lump on your arm if you haven’t the vitality, the endurance, the staying powers, and the stamina with which to back up the external muscular development. You want big muscles, sure—and under my direction you’ll get them, but you also require reserve power, sound lungs, a powerful heart, a good, strong stomach and liver. The inside “works” must function perfectly. As soon as your enrollment is received I get right on the job and put these vital organs in perfect condition FIRST. Then you’ve something on which to build. You have the bodily function on which you can easily pile hard, powerful, useful muscles. We all want GREAT STRENGTH. And I’m going to make you mighty STRONG! The new methods I teach not only gave me Perfect Health and a Perfect Physique, but also made me a World’s Strongest Physical Director.

I do not know the science of weight lifting but when I am required to give a demonstration I exhibit super human power. On another page you will find listed a few of the records I hold. When I lift, it is accomplished by sheer muscular energy and not science. This is the kind of terrific strength you want, and I tell you how to get it by my special secret methods—all of which are fully explained in my Course. Great STRENGTH is necessary to Success. It enables you to work long and strenuously without tiring. You are able to protect yourself and loved ones in any emergency. If you have such terrific strength others are actually compelled to respect you. You need this STRENGTH in everyday life—and I show you how to get it quickly.

Drugs, Medicines, Pills, Powders and other concoctions never did, and never will build Health and Strength. There is no vitality in drugs. The effect drugs have is to paralyze the nerves or cause diarrhea in place of constipation. Medicines dull the brain and dope the sensibilities. Progressive doctors no longer prescribe drugs. Leave all medicines entirely alone for they are poisons and diminish your vital powers. They rob you of your remaining strength. As an intelligent person you will realize that the only way to get health is by living a healthy life. If you live in accordance with the principles I am advocating—which are Nature’s laws adapted to your needs—you cannot fail to be always healthy and full of pep and energy. You won’t know what it means to be sick if you enroll with me! You’ll be a live one! Your eyes will sparkle and radiate with vitality within. You can’t feel that way when you’re doping yourself with medicines. There is not a medicine in the world that can be used in the cells of the body, because the tiny cells are so infinitely small (1/3200ths of an inch in diameter) and the molecule of a drug—even when the drug is a liquid—is larger than the cells and cannot be used. Consequently the cells try to fight the drug, push it out of the body. The effort to expel the poison causes an irritation, which is often mistakenly called a “stimulation” and thus set up a condition worse than the original trouble for which the drug was supposed to cure. Until you get rid of the poison or medicine you can never be healthy and well.

Excerpts from Secrets of Muscular Power & Beauty, by Charles Atlas, 1924
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