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Below are our top recommended e-books for sale. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, build muscle, or anything in between, we are proud to recommend and offer the best e-books on the market!

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Weight Loss:
weight loss ebooks Fat Loss Factor (by Dr. Charles Livingston)

Written by a chiropractic physician and well-known nutritionist, this is a complete diet and training program designed specifically to reduce bodyfat in a relatively short period of time. Not only does the book explain how to lose fat, but it also teaches you how to keep it off permanently!


weight loss ebooks Customized Fat Loss (by Kyle Leon)

The Customized Fat Loss program is designed for individuals at all levels of fitness because it tailors a specific fat burning nutrition plan to the individual customer based on their age, weight, height, metabolism, and true body type. Then, depending on these factors and the customers fat loss goals, Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss provides a custom nutrition plan based on years of research by leading nutrition experts.


weight loss ebooks The Venus Factor System (by John Barban)

The Venus Factor program is designed specifically for women who want to lose weight (burn fat) and get in shape. The program consists of a main eBook manual as well as 143 complementary workout videos.


weight loss ebooks Eat Stop Eat (by Brad Pilon)

Eat Stop Eat is a unique method of intermittent fasting designed specifically for men and women who want to lose fat without sacrificing their muscle mass and energy levels. There is nothing else you can do for your body or your health and that is as positive and and as powerful as Eat Stop Eat.


weight loss ebooks Old School New Body (by Steve Holman)

Old School New Body is the latest training program designed to help men and women over the age of 35 (under 35 can use it also, no matter how old are you) get their bodies back into great shape.this is a youth-enhancing system that can help you regain vitality and strength in only a matter of weeks.

Old School New Body focuses on building muscle mass and using the metabolic and dietary system behind each human body to work for the body’s owner, leading to fat loss, larger muscles, and an overall younger look and feel


Build Muscle:
weight loss ebooks The Muscle Maximizer (by Kyle Leon)

The Muscle Maximizer was created by Kyle Leon, a qualified nutrition expert and fitness trainer. The muscle maximizer program is a muscle building program that combines workout and nutrition to help you build muscle without the fat. This program is not a one size fits all, you have to put in your personal information for example your height, weight, age, metabolism and it works out a nutritional plan specific to your muscle building needs. The program allocates all the nutrients you body needs at certain times of the day and when this is combined with your regular workout routines it will give your body the energy/fuel it needs at just the right time to build muscle without the fat.

There are 3 customised nutritional meal plans you can choose from every day. Which not only give you all the nutrition you need for optimum muscle building but also offers variety so you don’t get bored with eating the same foods every day. Kyle recommends protein and healthy fats for muscle building as proteins burn unhealthy fats and help fuel muscle growth.