Nutrition should be simple. Muscle is the organ of vitality. Muscle contains all it requires. Meat is muscle. That’s the unscientific, common-sense reason I eat meat—a lot of it. Meat has become nutritional counterculture in the age of plant-based political agendas. Counterculture lives outside the realm of politics, not compelled by law and bureaucracy. It thrives unhampered by the patronage of lobbies. Thus, counterculture—considered fringe—is the only FREE marketplace of ideas. A social-economic heuristic to consider: It’s through the FREE exchange of ideas and scientific discovery that truth emerges.

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Roberto Cellere is certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition©. He brings a multi-decade commercial fitness experience to his role as a private health and fitness coach. His mission is to empower people with the tools they need to take ownership of their health.

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